Debt Plan Expected to Pass

The senate is going to vote on a debt plan to raise the debt celling as well as impose spending cuts.  This is important so the treasury can pay their bills.  The bill is planed to go to Obama’s desk today and he should comment on it sometime this afternoon.

Picture of the Senate


Understanding the “Long Tail”

People want to shop online because online retailers carry much more inventory than in-store retailers, here is a video that explains this idea of the Long Tail:

I appreciate the idea of the long tail as it allows a web based program to house not only more stock of inventory but also a wider variety of goods to sell. This acts as a great service to the online consumer by allowing them the freedom to shop from the comfort of their own homes. It also provides them with the variety of goods to be purchased without the hassle of shopping in a number of different stores and expending the time, money and energy it takes them to get there. One major drawback of shopping online however is that the consumer cannot try on garments that they purchase, this makes returning items a hassle.

Facebook Groups

How To Make Facebook Groups

I feel as though Facebook groups have in a way been rendered obsolete with the presence of so many other forms of social media. Another problem with these “groups” is that there are such an abundance of them it could be received as stressful and therefore a burden to the public. One very useful way of using groups is to announce an event; however, I feel as though this too can seem superfluous to the everyday user bombarded with the useless themed group. Furthermore, in order to advertise an event, there is a tab for such a process.