Ways for businesses to be more “social”

1st, a definition: http://searchcrm.techtarget.com/definition/multichannel-marketing

Imprinted is a image of the way a budget for spending for digital marketing could look like as per maketingcharts.com

Climbing the Multi-Channel Marketing Moutain!


Obviously it is important for businesses to stay up and compete in the realm of social media. With so much interaction going on in sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc… You can see from the graph that projected spending is huge in social networking, mobile, digital advertising and Searching. In order for up and coming and existing companies to prosper they have to join the times and be updated on social media sites. This said, it is my opinion that the most relevant to B2B communication is the Linked In site. FB, Twitter etc. can be used mainly for B2C interaction.


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